Last Man on the Hill on Gimble in the Wabe

Hosted by |i˛⁄Ïkirå
Began at 2018-01-27 11:53:12 and lasted for 00:05:37


Unit Trading Enabled
Teams Allowed
00:09:00 Time Limit
00:01:00 Planning Time
Legendary Difficulty Level

PlaceNameKilledLostKill RatioDmg GivenDmg TakenDmg RatioStatus
1ahg Od!16151.06757561.018
|IDantski 240.5009150.600
thal 515.0001443.500
Trevelyan 404.0001462.333
cyber pop |bZoe BME 331.000890.889
YOLO 160.1676140.429
garnish 111.000680.750
2|iDz⁄ϵ§∑§ øƒ Ï)3˛⁄φfi14190.73748630.762Eliminated
|i˛⁄Ïkirå 060.0001200.050Eliminated
tirri 670.85712200.600Eliminated
Asmodian 522.50013121.083Eliminated
|ihmp ¸______¸ 331.0001992.111Eliminated
DaPrinceOmar 010.000321.500Eliminated