Last Man on the Hill on Proving Grounds

Hosted by deadhold
Began at 2018-01-13 18:37:34 and lasted for 00:06:53


Unit Trading Enabled
Teams Allowed
No Alliances
00:06:00 Time Limit
00:00:45 Planning Time
Legendary Difficulty Level

PlaceNameKilledLostKill RatioDmg GivenDmg TakenDmg RatioStatus
1deadhold's team1491.55680791.013
deadhold 541.25040281.429
tony avocado 951.80040510.784
2TIME TO YOLOOO9160.56269900.767
YOLO 680.75039620.629
|b• c⁄J⁄Iı1c⁄c c⁄J⁄Ic⁄tc⁄J⁄ • 380.37530281.071