Last Man on the Hill on I'll Fall On Your Grave

Hosted by |b• c⁄J⁄Iı1c⁄c c⁄J⁄Ic⁄tc⁄J⁄ •
Began at 2018-01-11 17:41:55 and lasted for 00:06:51


Unit Trading Enabled
Teams Allowed
No Alliances
00:06:00 Time Limit
00:00:45 Planning Time

PlaceNameKilledLostKill RatioDmg GivenDmg TakenDmg RatioStatus
1 garnish 431.33321201.050
2 Inquisitor 370.42919330.576
3 YOLO 16180.88949481.021
4|b• søns |iof |B|bbessıe •16170.94144640.688Eliminated
|b• c⁄J⁄Iı1c⁄c c⁄J⁄Ic⁄tc⁄J⁄ • 16170.94144640.688Eliminated
|b •ß0∂fiis円vÅ• 000.000000.000Eliminated