Capture the Flag on WWII:Recon Deluxe S-2 (14 Unit) v1.0

Hosted by |b •ß0∂fiis円vÅ•
Began at 2018-01-03 22:18:18 and lasted for 00:04:04


Veterans Allowed
No Alliances
No Overhead Map
00:16:00 Time Limit
00:00:45 Planning Time
Legendary Difficulty Level

PlaceNameKilledLostKill RatioDmg GivenDmg TakenDmg RatioStatus
|b •ß0∂fiis円vÅ• 414.00016101.600
|bK|iryptos 202.000717.000
summer 101.000404.000
Kronin 010.000350.600
2die trying270.28614310.452Eliminated
Inquisitor 111.000541.250Eliminated
Ether 120.500490.444Eliminated
Stormer 020.000490.444Eliminated
Master Po 020.000190.111Eliminated