Capture the Flag on Meibatsu Kosatsu (TE Light)

Hosted by • |bc⁄J⁄I|iılk |bc⁄J⁄I|iån •
Began at 2017-10-15 13:23:39 and lasted for 00:09:12


Unit Trading Enabled
Teams Allowed
No Alliances
00:09:00 Time Limit
00:00:45 Planning Time

PlaceNameKilledLostKill RatioDmg GivenDmg TakenDmg RatioStatus
1This is gonna suck…24112.18240381.053
S|icratch 1481.75022280.786
Donkeysaddle 10110.0001844.500
V\JaHRaL T.O.A.D.V\ 020.000060.000
2TIME TO YOLOOO14330.42445860.523Eliminated
YOLO 5120.4177290.241Eliminated
Princepawn 570.71418220.818Eliminated
Renwood in loathing 4140.28620350.571Eliminated
Sleepy 270.286-212-0.167Eliminated
• |bc⁄J⁄I|iılk |bc⁄J⁄I|iån • 1052.00016141.143Eliminated
par73 [)ç⁄J 450.80012140.857Eliminated
Father Xmas 661.00020191.053Eliminated
Shad 761.16724241.000Eliminated
garnish 2100.2003210.143Eliminated