Last Man on the Hill on |iLike Driving On The Railroad Tracks

Hosted by ßh
Began at 2017-06-25 12:36:15 and lasted for 00:13:03


Unit Trading Enabled
Teams Allowed
No Alliances
00:12:00 Time Limit
00:03:30 Planning Time

PlaceNameKilledLostKill RatioDmg GivenDmg TakenDmg RatioStatus
1|IGenerally Killing48271.7782251861.210
Giant Killer General 1391.44446620.742
|id*WAR*f ∞ |bBME 1735.66769351.971
Shad 909.0003074.286
Arzenic 560.83330271.111
|ihmp ¸______¸ 280.25027450.600
Captain 212.00023102.300
argos 000.000000.000Dropped
Teng Wei Cheng 000.000000.000
2THE BERSERKERS23640.3591592990.532Eliminated
|iGARNIS#ßRSRKRS 0160.0003690.043Eliminated
Vasazel 1434.66756441.273Eliminated
Renwood 460.66754371.459Eliminated
S|icratch 260.33314220.636Eliminated
Father Xmas 160.1679290.310Eliminated
oogaBooga 1120.0837360.194Eliminated
ßh 180.1256360.167Eliminated
V\JaHRaL T.O.A.D.V\ 070.00010260.385Eliminated